Forte Village

Enjoy this ‘One Of A Kind’ resort located on the beautiful and tranquil south coast of the Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Completely refurbished in 2017, 5-star Forte Village Hotel Castello is an oasis of luxury and elegance located in the Forte Village just steps from a soft white sand beach.

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Hotel Abi d’Oru

The luxury Hotel Abi d’Oru has 140 rooms and it overlooks a private beach with fine white sand on the Golfo di Marinella, 4 kilometers from Porto Rotondo, in beautiful Costa Smeralda.

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Abi d'Oru resort
Panoramica Abi d'Oru
Abi d'Oru lounge area
Abi d'Oru Gourmet restaurant
Abi d'Oru restaurant
Central Restaurant Bread
bedroom Abi d'Oru
abi d'oru bedroom
Abi d'Oru Deluxe Room
abi d'oru Suite Grazia Deledda
abi d'oru Playground Kids Club
Abi d'Oru Porto Rotondo
Abi d’Oru resort
Panoramica Abi d’Oru
lounge area
Gourmet restaurant
Abi d’Oru restaurant
Central Restaurant Bread
Deluxe Room
Suite Grazia Deledda
Playground Kids Club
Porto Rotondo
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