Sustainable Hotels

Halsall Travel International works with many hotels and destinations that care passionately about their communities and environment. This goes beyond the issues of global warming. It runs deeper.

At Halsall Travel we are committed to sustainability and believe that the travel industry can be a powerful catalyst in the world. Our beliefs are aligned with our partner Virtuoso’s own in-house sustainability program and that of their three pillars: celebrate the culture, support the economy, and protect the planet. We look forward to planning your next journey with these pillars in mind.

There are many great hoteliers and hotel companies putting sustainability at the core their business and we are proud to highlight a few that we love to promote and send our clients to. These are by no means exhaustive and as the industry develops and opens further projects we look forward to sharing them with you.

Preferred Hotels Beyond Green

When staying at Beyond Green hotels in addition to the standard suite of I Prefer benefits you can claim whilst booking with us, as loyalty members you will also have the chance to earn bonus points for your participation in local enrichment activities, and receive a unique community giving card or have a donation made on their behalf to local organizations at each location. These are just a few of the ways Preferred Hotels Beyond Green connect good hosts and good guests, with Beyond Green’s commitment to supporting Nature, Community and Culture initiatives that are part of making travel a force for good.

Small Luxury Hotels Considerate Collection


‘Staying small’ goes hand in hand with travelling sustainably. ‘Small’ has always been the mantra of SLH, and whilst having a global reach, still behaving as a local has always been in their DNA. Most of the SLH collection have no more than 50 rooms, they are all independently owned and many have been in the same family for generations. From a biodiversity-promoting rainforest lodge in Costa Rica to a culture-preserving Provençal château, they are often repurposed or renovated properties – reinvigorated and revived – rather than large scale new-builds. People are the heart of their hotels. They champion their local community, and cherish their culture and environments. 

By taking small steps these hoteliers are making a big difference and going a step further the collection has launched the Considerate Collection, a new ethos driven green and ocean blue standard for boutique hotels that go the extra eco mile. This initiative allows the curious considerate traveller to make carefully considered travel choices. To avoid confusion over global certificates, and to cut out greenwashing. So we take care of the carbon footprint of travel and these hotels take care of your stay. As near a perfect combination as possible.

Click the link below and discover these innovative hotels combining luxury with ethical sustainability. Destinations where you can explore and experience with conviction, all whilst protecting its peoples’ integrity. Staying considerate and taking care of our planet, wherever your travels may take you.

The Arctic Bath, Harad in Sweden

A hotel at one with nature and supporting local communities. The future of sustainable tourism. Try a Sampi experience, walk in the woods, go foraging, kayak on pristine rivers and lakes, have the famous Swedish fika in a local village.

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