Halsall Travel International is committed to ensure that our clients’ travel minimises their carbon footprint. Inspired by a recent stay at Alladale Wilderness Reserve in Scotland, we seek out sustainable travel options and partners and closely follow the work of the travel industry standard “It must be NOW”. We have also just recently joined the Global Sustainability Tourism Council.

Your footprint from air travel to transfers and car hire etc. is calculated and we will then match your contribution. This is not the perfect solution to global warming and we do not profess to being perfect but feel this goes someway to redressing the environmental impact caused by travel. To find out more simply get in touch. We remain committed to learning what is the best practice to adopt.

Balancing your Carbon Footprint

As an example, using the carbon calculator below if a trip by air alone has a carbon footprint of 4 tonnes of CO₂ ( a round trip London to San Francisco in Premium Economy) this equates to around a £36 contribution to the Carbon Footprint Global Portfolio, via a range of projects including carbon avoidance, clean and energy generation and often in developing countries where the social benefits are also felt. Our pledge is then to match £ for £ that amount out of our profits so there is in effect a ” redress of the carbon footprint = carbon balancing ” . So this trip would create a £72 pledge to carbon programs.

We are also in the early stages of researching investing in hydrogen flights so future travel will become carbon neutral. As we get more into this we will update you.